Declarations: The Contribution listed is for a campaign in the State of Oklahoma, and the contribution was freely and voluntarily given by me from my personal property, or the above named committee or person from the committee's or the person's personal property. I (or the committee or person) have not directly nor indirectly, been compensated or reimbursed for the contribution listed by persons other than those from whom contributor statements have been received and of whom disclosure has or will be made, or, if from a person exempt from the definition of political action committee, by other persons. Required by single contributions exceeding $50 or multiple contributions from a single source exceeding $50 in the aggregate. [74 O.S. Supp. 2007. Ch. 62 App. § 257:10-1-2(c)]

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To contribute to the Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women by mail make your check out to OFDWC and mail it to:


If your contribution is over $50.00 please include with your check a completed contributor form found on the link here. Oklahoma Contributor's Form

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