List of Laws Passed by the 111th Congress and President Obama

We've been hearing that we have a "do nothing" Congress from the GOP for some time now (even as they have tried to obstruct most of the legislation passed).

Despite our disappointments, Democrats in the Congress and Obama have actually achieved quite a bit of change since 2008!

Below is a list of the 43 major laws passed so far in 2009-10 (excluding resolutions, appropriations bills and minor bills renaming post offices, etc.).

In just two years, we began health care reform, started an overhaul of the finance sector (credit cards, derivatives, banks), expanded FDA oversight to include tobacco, took back our national parks from mining and forestry, passed the first Iran sanctions since 2003 (Bush and Cheney opposed expanding Iran sanctions) and implemented programs to stimulate the economy and save jobs. We have more work to do, but that's a great deal to be proud of!

Did we get everything we had hoped? No, of course not with only 55 reliable Senate votes and a GOP that used the Filibuster more than any time in history.

I want us to do more to help our economy, fix health care and hold people accountable.

We've made a decent start, and if we don't get out there, we could lose much of what we have gained and lose our ability to improve on what we've started.

Don't let anyone take that progress away. 

111th (Dem House/Dem Senate/Dem Pres.) 43 (with four months left)
110th (Dem House/Dem Senate/GOP Pres.) 30
109th (GOP House/GOP Senate/GOP Pres.) 45


Public Laws, 111th Congress (selected)
Banking and financial services regulation package H.R.4173 P.L.111-203
Cash for clunkers H.R.2346 Title XIII, P.L.111-32
Cash for clunkers, supplemental appropriations H.R.3435 P.L.111-47
COBRA, extend benefits period; extend termination date eligibility to Feb. 28, 2010 H.R.3326 Div. B, P.L.111-118
COBRA, extend benefits period; extend termination date of eligibility to Mar. 31, 2010 H.R.4691 Sec. 3, P.L.111-144
COBRA, extend benefits period; extend termination date of eligibility to May 31, 2010 H.R.4851 Sec. 3, P.L.111-157
Congressional pay raise, none for 2010 H.R.1105 Div. J, P.L.111-8
Congressional pay raise, none for 2011 H.R.5146 P.L.111-165
Credit card regulations, tighten H.R.627 P.L.111-24
Debt limit, increase to 12.394 trillion H.R.4314 P.L.111-123
Debt limit, increase to 14.294 trillion H.J.Res.45 P.L.111-139
Deepwater Horizon oil spill, authorize advances from Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
(For additional oil spill legislation, see: Oil spills, liability and costs)
S.3473 P.L.111-191
Derivatives, government regulation of over-the-counter markets H.R.4173 Title VII, P.L.111-203
Digital TV, delay transition until June 12 S.352 P.L.111-4
Economic Stimulus H.R.1 P.L.111-5
Executive compensation, expand regulatory oversight H.R.4173 Title IX, P.L.111-203
Haiti, accelerate income tax benefits H.R.4462 P.L.111-126
Haiti, debt relief H.R.4573 P.L.111-158
Haiti, increase emergency aid available to Americans returning after earthquake S.2949 P.L.111-127
Hate crimes, expand federal definition to include gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability H.R.2647 Div. E, P.L.111-84
Health care reform
(Also included in: Reconciliation Act)
 H.R.3590  P.L.111-148
 Homebuyer tax credit, extend and modify  H.R.3548  Sec. 11-13, P.L.111-92
 Homebuyer tax credit, extend through Sept. 30, 2010  H.R.5623  P.L.111-198
 Iran, broad range of sanctions and penalties  H.R.2194  P.L.111-195
 Jobs package  H.R.2847  P.L.111-147
 Lands bill, omnibus  H.R.146  P.L.111-11
 Medicare "doc fix", through Mar. 31, 2010  H.R.4691  Sec. 5, P.L.111-144
 Medicare "doc fix", through May 31, 2010  H.R.4851  Sec. 4, P.L.111-157
 Medicare "doc fix", through Nov. 30, 2010  H.R.3962  P.L.111-192
 Mortgages, allow bankruptcy judges to modify terms  S.896  P.L.111-22
 National service, expand programs  H.R.1388  P.L.111-13
 PATRIOT Act, extend certain provisions  H.R.3961  P.L.111-141
 Reconciliation Act
(SEE ALSO: Health care reform)
 H.R.4872  P.L.111-152
 Student aid, modify loan programs
(Included in: Reconciliation Act)
 H.R.4872  Title II, P.L.111-152
 Tobacco, give FDA the authority to regulate  H.R.1256  P.L.111-31
 Unemployment benefits, extend  H.R.3548  P.L.111-92
 Unemployment benefits, extend to Feb. 28, 2010  H.R.3326  Div. B, P.L.111-118
 Unemployment benefits, extend to Apr. 05, 2010  H.R.4691  Sec. 2, P.L.111-144
 Unemployment benefits, extend to Jun. 02, 2010  H.R.4851  P.L.111-157
 Unemployment benefits, extend to Nov. 30, 2010  H.R.4213  P.L.111-205

 source: US Senate website

first published by Andrew Lachman-California Democratic Party-Democratic National Committeeman

Posted on 12 Aug 2010, 15:23 - Category: U.S. Congress

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