Change That Matters

The history of America is a history of change. The history of Democrats is the history of change that matters for America.

Posted on 15 Sep 2010, 21:39 - Category: DNC

Jari Askins for Governor: Stop that Washington Game

Lt. Governor Jari Askins responds to the attacks from those Washington DC political interests.


Posted on 10 Sep 2010, 18:15 - Category: Askins

GOP Tea Party: These People Could Be in Charge

These are candidates whose extreme agenda would not just take America back to the days of failed Bush policies, but rewind the clock to the days before Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Women‟s Rights, and before social safety nets like unemployment insurance were in place. Imagine, these people could represent YOU.


Posted on 1 Sep 2010, 18:27 - Category: DNC

Big Choices

Last Friday, the DNC unveiled a new national television ad, “Big Choices,” that illustrates the choice voters will face this fall between Democrats who have taken the bold action necessary to pull America back from the brink of a second Great Depression and get our country back on track, and Republicans who continue to advocate the failed Bush-era policies that got our country into trouble in the first place.

 You can check out the ad for yourself

Posted on 27 Aug 2010, 15:26 - Category: DNC

Obama Vacations vs Bush Vacations

In case you were curious:

This is Mr. Obama's 9th vacation since taking office. As of today, he has spent all or part of 38 days on "vacation" away from the White House. He has also made 14 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 32 days. It brings his total time away to all or part of 70 days.

As of this point in his 1st term, Mr. Bush had made 14 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 102 days. He also made 40 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 123 days. His "vacation" total at this point in his presidency was all or part of 225 days away.

Aleita Huguenin-DNC West

Posted on 22 Aug 2010, 7:03 - Category: DNC

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